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About Us.

We are a brand of cosmetics for skin care. We will make You feel like You are at a spa without leaving your home. We want Your skin to be beautiful, neat and healthy so that You can love Your natural beauty. We strive to make Our cosmetics can be used by everyone, regardless of gender and age.

Your skin is the most important to Us and We want that Our products could to help support the condition of Your skin, both on the face and the whole body. You can enjoy a fragrant bath that will soften Your skin or a clean and fresh face after a full-day make-up.


Join to Us.

We have a wide range of products for various types of skin - sensitive, dry, oily, combination, mature skin. Choose cosmetics designed for Your skin to care for it properly.

We will present You with a whole range of our products, telling You what products You should reach for to get the best results for Your skin. It is very important to have one perfect cosmetic instead of several, which that give insufficient effect.


Our products.

Our products are all natural in their indigrients.
We are love nature so, all of Ours cosmetics are vegan and non tested at animals.

The packaging of our cosmetics is made of recycled plastic, "plastic" from corn fibers.
All paper packaging are made of recycled paper.

We want to take care of Your skin and care of Our loving Planet. So if You bring to
Our stationary shop 8 empty packaging of one product, You will have 50% off on the price of the product wiht special a discount code. If You bring 5 empty packaging
of diffrent products You will have 20% off discount. Everything for Your skin and for Our Planet.


What is inside?

Our products contain natural ingredients and ensure healthy skin condition. We strive to provide Your skin with wonderful effects.
They ensure freshness and health of Your skin, do not cause allergies, their fragrance is delicate and natural. We strive to make each
cosmetic unique and fulfill a specific functions, replacing for You with many other cosmetics. Discover what Our cosmetics contain inside.

We only use what is natural, which is why our products contain aloes, agave, snail mucus, chia seeds, sea salt, tea extract, fruit juice
extracts and much more.

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foam&crub collection


Welcome in Our shop. Here You can buy Our products. We present a wide range of products that You can choose according to type of Your skin what it needs. We trying Our best to adapt all products to all skin types. We hope that You will stay with Us for longer, so that We can take care
of Your beauty every day. Sign up to Our neewsletter and get a 15% off code on Your first purchase.

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We will help You choose right!



It's a creamy butter for body.
Provides softening Your skin.

400 ml / £4,5



It's a very light puff for cleaning face.
Your skin will be soft and glam.

350 ml / £3,5



Natural deodornat in light cream.
Provides feeling fresh for long time.

200 ml / £3



Brightening and soothing under eyes cream.
Redeuce the dark circles under eyes and moisturizes.

75 ml / £4



Soft and creamy stick balm.
It will keep Your lips moisturized and protection.

10 g / £3



Liquid soap, making foam for hands and body.
It will wash and soften Your body with light smell of blueberry.

500 ml / £4,5



Coarse-grained peeling for face with seeds.
Will remove old epidermis and moisturize the face.

150 ml / £4

Contact with Us.

Here You can find how can You contact with Us in case of problems, which we try to avoid completely, because we care about Your happiness.

We strive to adapt to everyone, so You can write to Us by e-mail, contact form, call Us by phone, write in a chat or for people who use sign language, We are ready for an online video conversation.