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The story

in December 1943 Edwin Land started his new project for Polaroid company: the instant photography.

February 1947 - the big reveal of the first instant camera prototype - Model 95 using a peel-apart film.

1963 - the introduction of color peel-apart film for Polaroid cameras.

in 1972 the Polaroid SX-70 was introduced. It was the first camera using the now-classic, square frame film format.

The square format evolved and so did the cameras, which resulted in creating the Polaroid 600, the simpler models popular since the first release in 1982

Edwin Land presenting Model 95

The cameras

Polaroid sx-70 alpha
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polaroid 210polaroid sx70 alpha
polaroid model 95polaroid slr 680 to jest top of the top prove me wrong
polaroid slr680polaroid supercolor to ładna zabawka dla bogatych dzieci, ale nic nie potrafi

The factory

Polaroid factory in Eschede

The factory

One of the factories manufacturing film for the Polaroid company is located in Enschede, Netherlands. After the bancrupcy of Polaroid, it was bought by The Impossible Project (later to become Polaroid Originals), the new company focused on the rebirth of Polaroid.

Now the factory is fully operational and open for tours.

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